The 1st Studio Van Geem Intern

In november 2015 the studio was contacted by Arthur Van Herwegen. A young student that was interested to work for us as an intern. After a first little chat I found out this guy reminds me a lot of myself at that age. He has spent his days drawing behind the schooldesk at secondary school (sportschool). Wondering what will be next.
And that’s exactly the reason why he decided to follow a bridging year program after secondary school to discover and improve his creative talent. Since he is kind of a late bloomer when it comes to drawing, he has still a lot to learn. But he is willing to work really hard and that’s the key to succes I believe.

Let me introduce you to him with a little interview:

Intern Studio Van Geem

How do you like the bridging year program you are following right now?
The program has been a real eye-opener for me. I took courses like photography, portrait drawing and graphic design. I also learned the basics of Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.

Do you already know what to do in high school next year?
I really love illustration and graphic design, but to be honest I’m not sure yet.

Are there some artists that you look up to. What’s your inspiration?
Recently I discovered Ricardo Cavolo ‘s work. I really like his compositions, the colors he uses and all the little details he puts in his work. He really has his own unique style!

Have you found your own style yet? 
At this moment I haven’t found my own style yet. I feel the need of trying out different media. Both analogue and digital! I don’t want to force myself to much in one direction.
Time will tell I guess.

Can we follow your work on social media already?
You can follow me on instagram as @ArthurVanHerwegen.

Why did you want to work at Studio Van Geem?
Studio Van Geem is a big inspiration for me. I love the work and everything they do. I knew an internship at a company like this would good to improve my illustration skills.

You are currently working on a personal project. Can you already tell us something about it?
I’m working on a book that is all about my life, my friends and all the things that make me happy. It will contain portraits, illustrations and many more.
The book is going to be the result of everything I’ve learned this year in school and at Studio Van Geem. More to show soon!

Any plans this summer?
After finishing the bridging year program I’m doing at the moment I will decide what I will be doing in high school next year.
In between I will try to relax, party, travel and work a bit to earn some money.