Illustration and Workflow

When you want to be a succesfull illustrator these days you have to be constantly trying to improve both your work and your workflow. Your workflow determines the amount of work you do in one day. The more efficient you work, the more time you have for other things like your mailing, social media, website, etc.

My workflow is quite simple. Ideas mostly start on paper. Therefore I always carry a little sketchbook on me wherever I go. Sketchbooks are my source of inspiration, the foundation of my work. My work is mostly a collage of elements and characters that are defined separately on paper. This way I don’t have to focus on composition, scale, color, etc. From the moment all my characters are finished I start drawing them on computer. Computer programs help me to create the compositions that I have in mind with the sketches I made.


Personally I prefer to use Adobe Illustrator. It’s very hard to get a freehand looking drawing in this program, but when you do, you get these more iconic powerfull images and that is what I like. It is by far the best program for me te get the result I want. Another advantage of adobe illustrator is that its vector based (not pixels). This means that all my illustrations can be can be printed as big as needed.

There is only one rule that you have to keep in mind: never start working on computer before it has been defined on paper. The freehand ‘look and feel’ is still the thing that gives your work that little extra to get what an illustration needs. Illustrations that are created directly in illustrator without making sketches happen to be flat and motionless.